Excavation of Japan underground hospital continues

Indaw 2 January
Excavation of underground Japan hospital near Kyainn village, Indaw Township, Katha District, Sagaing Region will continue with the help of Union Government, according to Sagaing Chief Minister Dr. Myint Naing.
The Japan underground hospital, one of the remnants of World War II was discovered last November. Therefore local authorities and local people jointly conducted excavation procedures. Since there was technological difficulty, the excavation procedures were suspended. 
Now, the project continues with the help of the Union Government. It is to be undertaken under the guidance of the Union Government and Japan was informed about the project. There was also an underground airport in Katha.
The findings were inspected by the regional chief minister and officials on 26 December and the budget for excavation will be submitted to the Union Government, said the chief minister.
When the digging is in full swing, materials of Japanese soldiers such as knives, guns, hats, bullets and other equipments were found.
Ko Min (Indaw)
Translated by Suyee

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